Summary in english

Good Malmö is an initiative from the business sector and was originally initiated by David Polfeldt, Managing Director at Massive Entertainment. The main focus for the initiative is to support and engage companies to employ young not yet discovered talents. The project is runned by the private foundation Uppstart Malmö, started by the famous entrepreneur, Dan Olofsson and the Malmö politician, Luciano Astudillo. 

The target group of Good Malmö is young adults between 18-30 years, who are not yet a part the labour market. One of the main reasons a young talented person doesn’t get a job is the lack of references. With no reference the CV tend to be sorted out even before the recruiting process starts. Lack of language skills (in the case of Good Malmö) Swedish is another factor that exclude a young talent from the labour market.

One way to change this is to create a meeting platform between talents searching for a job and employers searching for talents. Especially if the meeting platform opens doors to combinations of skills companies can’t easily find themselves. The initiative is about changing the attitude about young adults and the skills “not yet proved”. 

Malmö is fighting with the challenge of the huge gap between the fears of hiring a young person with no work experience, but also the need of competence that companies can´t live without. By helping the talents to meet the companies we hope to make a difference. Not just for the young adult but for the company and the potential of growing as well.

One of the unique factors with Good Malmö is that it creates real jobs.

Good Malmö creates real jobs at real companies looking for a new co-worker. The initiative helps with every part of the recruiting process as long as the company agrees on hiring a young adult from the target group (18-30 years old, without an ongoing employment) during at least one year. Fully paid, full time work. 

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